Maraska Top: Custom Sizing

⁠There are three distinct stages to creating the yoke and each of them allows you to modify and adjust each part of the top (back, front, and sleeves) in several ways. ⁠

🌱 The lace stage is worked in the round and its pattern repeats gradually enlarge in size, growing from tiny diamonds to large ones. All sizes, except the smallest, have a different number of PRs for the back and front (the back is narrower than the front). At this stage, you can modify the top by working fewer or more PRs in each section making it as wide or narrow as you wish. ⁠

🌱 The second stage is the textured divider (between the lace and solid stages of the yoke). The increases here are made by placing fewer or more stitches in each section. Generally, the front and back, for most of the sizes, gain more stitches than the sleeves at this stage. Custom sizing can be done, for example, by placing more stitches for the front and fewer stitches for the back. ⁠

🌱 The third stage is the classic raglan increase worked at four places to the end of the yoke. The increases are placed evenly each second round and gradually increase all parts of the yoke by one stitch at each side of each section. Normally, I do not recommend modifying this area of the yoke in order that you achieve accurate looking raglan lines, but if some correction is needed, there is still a chance to play with the stitches here by placing increases more often or not placing increase stitches in a particular area at all (for example, you may keep adding increases at the sleeves and the front, but work the back without increases (don't forget to use markers!).⁠

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