PATTERN UPDATE: Bargello Blanket

I just revised Bargello Blanket pattern, published in 2013. A few formatting changes have been made and a chart has been updated.

I love this pattern very much, this is one of my most favorite ones. It includes instructions for a single-motif and a multiple-motif blanket. The smaller size motifs can be used as coasters, potholders, pillow covers, or chair cushions. I made all of them a couple of times.

Colorful Bargello in rainbow colors

Light as a feather Bargello made in mohair

Original Bargello in three colors

And a multiple-motif version!

Turned my acrylic leftovers into another Bargello blanket

Made a dozen potholders and coasters

I am in love with this delicate flame-stitch pattern, which can be made with two, three or more colors. But it also has much more options than I could imagine and which one day I suddenly discovered. These are Bargellos too!

This stitch pattern can look completely different if using the colors in different order.

  • The red-yellow motif shows an original stitch pattern, worked in three colors and using one color for two rounds. 
  • The center part of the green-yellow motif uses one color (green) for dc rounds and another color (yellow) for ch rounds. 
  • The colorful motif uses one color (blue) for all ch rounds and different colors for all dc rounds.
to be continued! I plan on experimenting with this stitch pattern more!
Bargello blanket pattern is 20% off the price now and until July 5. No coupon needed, the discount will apply automaticaly. Happy crocheting! 


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