Anemone: Stitch Pattern

Anemone design was started first and finished last. The original idea and the stitch pattern were different from what you see in the photo.

As usual (frogging is a designer’s most important skill!), I managed to complete the project and then realize that I didn't like it due to the short color variegations making the stitch pattern almost unnoticeable what with all the busy and spotty color pooling.

Such small lengths of color requires the stitch to use less yarn (like knit/purl st in knitting). But in crochet, this could be a slip stitch only, which is not a solution for a garment, IMHO.

I thought of a stitch that is able to represent the beauty of such color variegation, the star stitch. It has multiple legs, each of which is short enough to use up those little bits of color causing the different tones to blend and combine smoothly into a beautifully colored fabric.

I wish that one day yarn dyers will create variegated colorways specifically for crochet stitches, which use more yarn for each stitch than knit ones.

Here is the modeled close-up photo to give you an idea of the size of the stitches.

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Breeze Collection Lookbook

Malabrigo Arroyo in shade Reflecting Pool


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