Tunisian Crochet: TCAL, discounts and free patterns!

The Tunisian Crochet Explorers group on Ravelry has launched a Tunisian Crochet-Along which started on August 1 and will continue until September 15th, 2019. I am one of the many designers who is offering a discount on their Tunisian crochet patterns for this event: all my Tunisian crochet patterns are 20% off until the end of this month.

This event also reminded me of a bunch of Tunisian entrelac motifs I designed a few years ago.

In the summer of 2016, I took part in the KnitPro design-along, dedicated to Knit For Peace charity program. I was asked to design a Tunisian crochet motif. It needed to be 15x15cm square and, being worked in Tunisian entrelac technique, consists of 7x7 entrelac squares. I also had 4 colors to play with: dark and light blue, yellow and white. Here are some of my sketches:

4 balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK were enough to crochet 7 motifs. One of these motifs was published by KnitPro and the instructions for the other six I shared in this blog.

All these motifs are worked in the round first, and the remaining portions (the corners) are worked in rows. Some rounds/rows use two colors, but the color change is done in a special way which does not require the yarn to be cut: the unused yarn is hidden under the stitches.

When I was a child, my favorite toy was a kaleidoscope, and it's pretty obvious that I still cannot resist playing with colorful geometric pieces every time I have a chance to. Each design includes the additional 3x3 motif layouts. It's fascinating how different the layout might look after only a minor change has been made (for example, replacing one color). The more changes made, the more options arise!

motif Lily
Lily layouts

It also amuses me that some motifs which are not very impressive, look absolutely terrific after joining them all together! And some fabulous-looking single motifs create a regular and simple patterned fabric.

motif Daisy
Daisy layouts

Click on the links below for the instructions and layouts!
Motifs: #1 Fire | #2 Well | #3 Daisy | #4 Lily | #5 Flower | #6 Matilda

Tunisian Crochet Explorers Play with Color CAL (August 1 - September 16; discounts, prizes).
Tunisian crochet pattern bundle, 20% off until the end of August
KnitPro Knit for Piece e-book


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