Amanita Wrap and Reversible Dotty Stitch Pattern Variations

Amanita Wrap, originally published in Crochet Now magazine, Issue 20, is now available in my pattern store on Ravelry. The pattern has been tweaked a little, updated, and now uses U.S. crochet terminology.

This design uses the same stitch pattern as the Dotty cowl, but this time it is worked flat in rows. You will crochet a basic rectangle, then fold in the corners and seam along the row edges to create the arm openings.

The stitch pattern is reversible; there's no wrong side, which allows you to wear your cardigan with either side facing out and only dependent on whether you prefer the main color or contrasting color to be dominant today.

Please bear this in mind if you'd like to substitute yarn: whatever yarn weight you choose, the fabric will be almost twice as thick. It is also suggested, for optimum drape, to work loosely and use a larger hook than would normally be used for your chosen yarn.

This stitch pattern is perfect for playing with color options and allows you to create your own unique design. It looks great in many combinations, for example:
- two solid colors
- one solid and one multi-color (or gradient) yarn
- two different variegated yarns.

You may even pair several colors together in this project by dividing the rectangle into several sections and using different colors for each section – it can be one color chosen to be dominant for one side and multiple colors for the other side or each section of the rectangle may use two different colors. Here are a few examples of the right and wrong sides to give you a better visual idea.

Check out the #reversibledotty hashtag on Instagram to see more examples of this stitch pattern and feel free to hashtag your dotty projects too! 

Dotty pattern on Ravelry
Amanita pattern on Ravelry

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